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L'église d'Aubin et l'ancien presbytère
In front of the church : the old presbitery.


Le choeur vers 1930
The chior in the 1930's

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The central nave and the choir before the works of 1964-1965.

On the bottom : the master-altar and behind, a statue of the Sacred-Heart.

On the left : the pulpit.

In front of the altar : the "communion table".

Arround the choir, Saints recently canonized at the time : Saint Jeanne of Arc (canonized in 1920), Saint Therese of Child Jesus (canonized in 1925), Saint Jean-Marie Vianney - Priest of Ars (canonized in 1925 and proclaimed Protector (Patron) of all the priests of the world in 1929).


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Photography on the right :
At the beginning of the1960's the decoration choir has already been simplified.
The master-altar is no more surmounted by the statue of the Sacred-Heart, the roman's Christ has been placed behind the altar and the lateral statues have been removed.
The pulpit and the Holy-table has been removed in February 1964 and the high-altar the 18th May 1964.

Le choeur vers 1960
The chior in the 1960's