Saint Anthony

You can find a statue of Saint Anthony of Padoue in almost every church. That he is "popular", it's certainly because we know that he helps us to find lost things. What is unknown for general people is that he is very well known in our country because he starts the BRIVE la GAILLARDE's Convent, where still exists an important pilgrimage in the Saint Anthony's grottoes.


Saint Anthony of Padoue

Born in LISBONE (Portugal), in 1195, he becomes minor friar and rejoin Saint François of Assise in Italy. He died in PADOUE (Italy), in 1231 during Lent predication. He is one of the best predicator of all the times. His tombstone is in the lovely Basilica of Padoue called "Il Santo". In one of the chapel, you can worship relics, particularly his tongue which is very well-preserved.
Feast on13th Juin.

Why Saint Anthony of Padoue is he known to find lost things ? : This is a consequence of an episode of his life. One day, friar Anthony doesn't find his psalm-book (Psalter). A man robed friar Anthony his psalter and got out. Friar Anthony prayed and the man faces Satan on the road. The devil himsel ordered the robber to give back the psalter.