Saint Therese of Lisieux

How high is the "Small Therese" ! It is impossible to summarize his life and his work.
Therese MARTIN is born in ALENCON (France) in 1873, Carmelite, into religion : Sister Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face, she died in LISIEUX (France) on 30th September 1897.

Without leaving the Carmel (Convent) of Lisieux where she entered at 15 years old on special dispensation of the Pope Leon XIII and where she died at 24 years old, this little sister with an apparent ordinary and humdrum life, will become one of the greatest Saint of christendom.
Canonized in 1925, she is proclaimed Patroness of Missions, secondary Patroness of France (with Saint Jeanne of Arc, the principal Patroness is the Blessed Virgin Mary), then proclaimed Doctor of the Church by the Pope John-Paul II in 1997).

Feast on 1st October

Saint Therese

The standardised statues of Saint Therese doesn't represent her correctly. We know with the photographies that she was a nice girl with an expressive round face. She is always represented with carmelite clothes, holding on his heart a crucifix and roses, calling to mind her promise she did before her death : "when I'll be in Heaven, I'll engage in good works on the World" "I'll make rain a shower of roses".