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The fondations on the roman part were nearly non-existent . The north tower was leaning and many chink appeared in the walls. Props where placed against the walls, in the Bessière's Street, during several years. The fondations were remade by piercing 47 holes (it was not possible to use pneumatic drill which produce vibrations). Inside, six big tie-rod have been placed, across the structure from one side to the other. According to these important works the building is now stabilized.


Props against the wall

- XVIIIth : the apse windows were brick up to allow the placing of a reredos.

- 1850 : the old roman archway is replaced by a big false gothic one.

- 1867 : excavations allow to find the roman altar and the consecration stone.

- 1870 : setting up of the altar Saint Joseph.

- 1878-1879 : The reredos is removed, setting up of stained glasses designed by Lachaix, of a new reredos with high-altar, of a pulpit, of stalls and of a communion table (to see on the right photography).

- 1904 : restoration of the roof and of the second floor of the bell-tower, clearing of the interior walls.

- 1961 : first step of roof repairing

- 1962 : electrification of bells

- 1964 : second and last step of roof repairing, removing of the high-altar, St Joseph's altar, pulpit and communion table . The church take his original appearence.

- 1971 : restoration of the choir pavement.

- 1974 : setting up of the roman altar.

- 1975 : big works consolidation (to see on the opposite photography ).

- 1976 : removing of old stained glasses.

- Since 1975: restoration of exterior walls, restoration of the stained glasses of the choir, restoration of the Christ.

- 1999-2000: setting up of new stained glasses designed by COULET and FLEURY.

- The works remaining to accomplish : restoration of the exterior front wall..